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Miami Broward Carnival, USA

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Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, USA
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What is Miami Broward Carnival?

Miami Carnival or Miami Broward Carnival is an annual celebration held in the city of Miami, United States. The celebration is a great burst of Caribbean colors, culture and music that takes place in the streets and precincts of the city of Miami. Carnival is a great reflection of the multiculturalism that exists in the state of Florida, especially the Caribbean community of the city.

The carnivals are animated by a large conglomerate of local and international soca artists and DJs. In addition, the carnival also features an incredible fair of food, crafts and clothing. The entire event unfolds in an atmosphere that incorporates the diversecultural and artistic elements of the Caribbean. Also, dozens of Bandas Mas decorate the streets of the city with their hundreds of colors, feathers and brillos.



Carnival in Miami has been celebrated since 1985, so it has a long history of top quality events. In addition, the Miami Carnival has the sponsorship of different organizations, both public and private, that make the event a reality. Some of the sponsors are: Miami-Dade County, Yellow Cabs, MoneyGram International, Inc, Caribbean Airlines Limited and TD Bank, N.A..

The event integrates the entireSouth Florida Caribbean community, making it a great potpourri of Caribbean culture at its finest, featuring rhythms and music such as soca, calypso and metal drums. TheMiami Carnival is a great party from start to finish that you won’t want to miss for any reason.


Miami Broward Carnival is a colorful demonstration of Caribbean traditions and cultures

Miami Broward Carnival is a colorful demonstration of Caribbean traditions and cultures



When is Miami Broward Carnival

Miami Carnival is celebrated during Columbus Day weekend, a holiday commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. Thus, Miami carnivals are celebrated in mid-October.

The Miami Broward Carnival will be held approximately from October 8 to 10.



History of the Miami Broward Carnivals

Originally, Carnival is a celebration held before Lent in the month of February or March, which is a Roman Catholic tradition that began in Italy. Thus, a large part of the world celebrates carnivals during these dates. However, some organizations or countries decide to hold the festivities during other dates, this with the purpose of celebrating carnivals in favorable weather conditions, avoiding overlapping with other important dates or simply creating a chain of events to encourage economic activities at a certain time of the year.

In the Caribbean, carnivals are a cultural tradition that has been going on for centuries. During the time of slavery, slaves made fun of their slavers, in this way carnivals and festivities began to evolve and acquire various elements. Once slavery was abolished and through the migration of Caribbean citizens, their culture spread to various parts of the world.

During the 1970s and 1980s, much of the Caribbean community moved to the United States, especially to Miami and as expected, carnivals began to be held in the city. Thus, the first Miami carnivals were held in 1985 with the help of the entire Caribbean community, whose purpose was to keep the traditions of their homes alive wherever they were.

Tthe Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and organizing a family festival, encouraging citizen participation with the purpose of offering spaces for the Caribbean community in South Florida to continue transmitting its traditions and culture.

The Carnival Committee was the combination of two separate Caribbean Carnival organizations that carried out activities separately. One of these organizations was the Miami Carnival Inc. founded in 1999 and the Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. founded in 2005. Both organizations were holding carnival events at the same location on the same day, so, in 2009, the two organizations negotiated a Management Agreement that allowed for a Miami and Broward Carnival to be held in Miami and Broward.


Where is the Miami Broward Carnival

Miami Carnival is held in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the United States. Miami-Dade is a county that is located in southern Florida and has a total area of 6,297 square kilometers where almost 3 million people live.


People wear colorful clothes at the Miami Broward Carnival

People wear colorful clothes at the Miami Broward Carnival



How Miami Broward Carnival is celebrated

Miami Carnival has a very complete program that involves musical and cultural activities, fairs food fairs, concerts and many other activities. In addition, it has some activities that take place up to a week before the official dates. In addition, like any good carnival, it has particular celebrations that deserve a special section.




Junior Carnival

The event takes place eight days before the Official Carnival. During the event, children have the opportunity to celebrate their culture and that of their family. The children have activities similar to those of the official carnival, as they parade around the Central Broward Regional Park, dancing in their colorful costumes and accompanied by soca music. In addition, the organization also has some Mas Junior Bands.

The day also includes contests and Children’s Carnival Kings. In this way, children have direct contact with the traditional elements of a Caribbean carnival. As in all carnival events, there is also a fair of food, drinks, crafts, clothes and other traditional carnival items.


Official Carnival



This event is one of the largest metal drum contests of the entire carnival. During the event the drum bands compete against each other performed some piece of calypso using very strict rules. The competition is fierce and the steel bands are judged on the quality of their arrangement, overall performance, tone and rhythm of their playing. In addition, the activity encourages competition and thedevelopment of Caribbean music traditions..

The panorama celebration is also an activity frequently seen in other carnival festivities in certain Caribbean countries and Caribbean carnivals around the world.


This is one of the most awaited events of the whole carnival. During the celebration, all the people participate dressed in t-shirts of their respective bands, shorts and covered with paint, dye or mud. This is one of the most traditional and important events of the carnival, as it is a reflection of the era of slavery and its freedom. In addition, there are always masqueraders dressed as demons, carrying chains and horns.

At 5 a.m., people congregate to begin the J’ouvert parade. Hundreds of people celebrate with particular, funny and satirical movements. At 7 a.m., soca music deafens the city as participants go jumping, dancing and singing. Throughout the park there are vendors offering food, drinks and Caribbean crafts.


Carnival Parade

The Parade of the Bands takes place on the last day of the celebration and features more than 18,000 direct participants who make up the organization’s 20 Mas Bands. Revelers traverse the streets in the company of musicians, musical bands and large speakers with traditional Caribbean music. Each band has a particular theme in the carnival parade, so each costume has unique colors, designs and decorations. As they all congregate in the street, an incredible spectacle of dancing colors is created.

Some of the bands that participate in both the J’ouvert and the Parade are:

  • Break Away Kru, Llc
  • Carnival Republic
  • Co Co Devils International
  • De Islanderz Intl
  • D-junction Mas
  • Dutty Pleasure
  • Wassi Ones
  • Dysfunctional Kaos Mas
  • Fun Generation
  • Revel Nation Carnival
  • Island Gems Llc
  • Jamdong
  • Last Band Standing Mia
  • Ju Ju Nation
  • Natural Disasters Inc.
  • Major Players Inc.
  • Genx
  • Ramjam4life
  • White Noise
  • K-paya
  • Limers
  • River Land Mas
  • Dingolay Mas Nyc
  • Ramajay Mas Miami
  • Bajan Fuh Eva
  • Big & Strong Inc. Island Band
  • Euphoria Production
  • Freaks Mas
  • Generation-x
  • Party Room Squad
  • Mascots International Llc
  • Tichapo


Tips for going to the Miami Broward Carnivals

If you want to attend the Miami carnivals, we recommend you to plan your trip in advance, make an itinerary of activities and book the accommodation of your choice in advance. Also, don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes and shoes to fully enjoy your carnival.

Keep in mind that the entire enclosure has entrances enabled for people with reduced mobility, so you should not feel mortified if you, a family member or friend has some difficulty to move freely. The venue has everything necessary for everyone to participate in the festivities.

If you have a child, sibling or relative under 12 years of age, bring them to the parties, since children under this age have free admission.

Due to the heat, physical activity and drinks, your body can become dehydrated at alarming rates, so we strongly advise you to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly.


Park & Ride

To facilitate the transfer to the carnival grounds, the organization offers you an innovative service: Park & Ride. This service allows you to leave your car or vehicle in certain designated areas free of charge, so that you can then use the means of transport to get directly to the carnival grounds.

The service provides parking at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, Golden Glades Interchange and Tropical Park. The pick-up point will be at the intersection of SW 107TH Avenue and SW 108TH Avenue Miami, FL 33199. The service runs from 9 am to 12 am.

If you want to know more about tourism in this country I recommend this guide:.


Miami Broward Carnival Events

Miami Carnival has 3 days of diverse and entertaining events that you can’t miss. It also has a special day for the little ones of the city that are part of the traditions and the development of the Caribbean carnivals. In addition, we remind you that the price of tickets for the activities corresponds to an estimate made before the dates, so they may be affected if you purchase tickets on the same day of the event or in another edition of the carnivals.


Pre-Carnival Events

Children’s Carnival

It is held a week before the official carnivals. The children of the city and the Caribbean community have the opportunity to actively participate in the carnivals. In addition, it has exclusive activities for them such as parades and contests.

Time: from 13h to 22h.

Price: $10.

Children under 12 get in for free.


Events on official dates


Carnival King and Queen Contest

At the event more than 30 people will compete ‘to be awarded the titles ofKing and Queen of Carnival. Individuals will be judged on their parade, representation, colors and creativity. In addition, they must wear a distinctive carnival costume with decoration.

Time: from 16h to 19h.

Price: $15.



At the event you will enjoy a great concert of various metal drum bands from all over the world as they compete for the Champion Crown of Panorama. You can come with the whole family, as the event is for the entire audience.

Time: from 18h until 23h.

Price: $15.




It’s the most anticipated street party of theMiami carnivals. At the event everyone gets their fill of paint, talc, mud and paint. Expect a fun atmosphere, full of music and lots of friends.

Time: from 07h to 15h.

Price: $25.


Carnival Parade and Concert

The main event of the carnivals. The event features a day full of music, culture, food and fashion with live performances by artists and Soca DJs from all over the world. On some occasions it has been attended byinternational artists.

Time: from 11 am to 11 pm.

Price: $35.


Live entertainment

On the last day of the festivities, you can count onlive entertainment by more than 20 artists among DJs and singers who come from various regions of the Caribbean and the World.


Las Bandas Mas predominate at the Miami Broward Carnival

Las Bandas Mas predominate at the Miami Broward Carnival



Miami Broward Carnival Parades


The Carnival Parade takes place on thelast day of the celebrations and features the participation of the dozens of Mas Bands that the organization has to offer you. During the event, thousands of people perform a colorful show that is accompanied by live Caribbean music. All the people enter into musical frenzy and partying, celebrating one of the most awaited days of the whole carnival.

The groups are created according to their costumes, so you will find hundreds of people congregated at the same point dancing, parading, singing and partying as if there were no tomorrow.


Parade route


Miami Broward Carnival has a full schedule of activities for young and old

Miami Broward Carnival has a full schedule of activities for young and old



The main Carnival Parade takes place at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, Inc.


Oxtail is one of the iconic dishes of the Caribbean food

Oxtail is one of the iconic dishes of the Caribbean food


What to eat at the Miami Broward Carnival

Miami Carnival offers you a complete experience of all the Caribbean countries, including typical foods and drinks from most of these countries. Fortunately, the carnival grounds have several tents and stalls where you can find a wide range of Caribbean dishes as well as American street food, sweets and other delicious dishes.

One of the dishes that you can get during the carnivals is the Oxtails, in Spanish is known as oxtail, which is the cut of meat that makes up the tail of the beef. The dish usually consists of a beef stew accompanied with vegetables, rice, beans and fried plantains.

In addition, you can also try the Corn Soup or Trini Corn Soup. This is a somewhat thick corn soup that is composed of corn, vegetables, herbs, potatoes, creamed corn, carrots and squash. All the ingredients are cooked for hours to amalgamate all the flavors. The result is an incredible delicious and comforting soup.

In addition, the city of Miami offers you a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes that you can visit and taste a lot of dishes. Some of the most famous places are: Truluck’s Restaurant, The Capital Grille, Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge, Toro Toro and River Oyster Bar.


Corn Soup is one of Trinidad and Tobago's signature dishes

Corn Soup is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s signature dishes



Travel Insurance

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What to see and do inside the Miami Broward Carnival

Once you find yourself at the carnival, the first activity you can attend is the Panorama. There, you canenjoy an incredible presentation of different drum bands from different parts of the world that come together to offer you the best entertainment possible. The following day, you can attend the memorable J’ouvert party, an incredible street celebration full of fun, tradition, painting and Caribbean music.

On the last day of the carnivals, you can attend the Grand Carnival Parade, a great event awaited by many. At the event you can enjoy a large number of participants sporting their traditional colorful and decorated costumes with feathers and crystals. Later that day, you canenjoy a macro musical event with artists of varied genres from various Caribbean countries and the world.

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What to see and do outside of Miami Broward Carnivals

The city of Miami offers you a wealth of tourist attractions to visit during your Carnival vacation.


Dolphin Mall

This is one of the most important shopping malls in Miami-Dade County. In its facilities you can enjoy a food fair and live entertainment. In addition, you have more than 200 stores at your disposal to simply stroll around or buy some souvenirs from your trips.


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

It is a villa from the early twentieth century. Inside you can find a variety of extensive Renaissance gardens, landscapes of native plants, architectural works and various floral arrangements. Inside you can find a large number of art pieces and paintings.


Wynwood Walls

This is an enclosure with large decorated and painted murals. The works cover a wide range of genres, psychedelic and surreal art. Also, it is a place for recreation, so you can visit it with your friends and family and hang out.

Also if you want to visit museums and important buildings in this city we recommend you to book your ticket in advance through Tiquets: .

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Safety at the Miami Broward Carnivals



The city of Miami is extremely safe especially for tourists. While the city has some areas that are best avoided, the vast majority of the counties are quiet and safe.

As always, we recommend that you keep your belongings in a safe place to avoid misplacing them and contact the appropriate agencies if you identify suspicious activity. In addition, we recommend the following products to keep your items safe:



Weather at Miami Broward Carnival

During the celebration of the Miami Carnival, the city has a pleasant weather, with a temperature ranging between 28 and 24 degrees Celsius.


You can find entertainment, music and food at the Miami Broward Carnival

You can find entertainment, music and food at the Miami Broward Carnival



How to get to Miami Broward Carnival


How to get there by plane

The city of Miami has its own airport called Miami International Airport, which receives a large number of flights from all over the world and the country. Once you meet here, you can use the various means of transportation to get to the city center.

We recommend buying airline tickets through or Skyscanner where they are usually cheaper. More information on this link to review


How to get there by train

From the airport you can take a train directly from the Airport Station to the Miami City Center Station.

The city of Miami also receives trains from other cities in the country; however, keep in mind that, if you are coming from a very long distance, it is much more economical to take a flight rather than a train.


How to get there Bus

From the airport take a bus from American Bus Tickets, Miami Dade Transit or Jet Set Express directly to downtown Miami.


How to get there by car

From the airport you can take FL.112 E to downtown Miami. The drive is 15 minutes.


Where to Stay at Miami Broward Carnival



Hyatt Regency Miami

3-star hotel 200 meters from Miami city center. Rooms feature TV, safe, desk and private bathroom with basic toiletries. In addition, the facilities offer bar, swimming pool, parking and private wifi.


Eurostars Langford

4-star hotel 200 meters from Miami city center. Rooms feature minibar, TV and private bathroom with basic toiletries. The hotel has a fitness center, restaurant, bar, parking and free Wi-Fi.


Courtyard by Marriott Miami Downtown

3-star hotel 250 yards from Miami city center. Rooms feature cable TV, desk and private bath. Facilities include fitness center, bar, restaurant and swimming pool.

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