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Casanova Grand Ball in Venice, Italy

Il Volo dell'Angelo es uno de los eventos principales del carnaval de Venecia
Venice Carnival, Italy
El Carnaval de las Tablas es una gran ceremonia de rivalidad contra las Reinas de cada bando
Las Tablas Carnival, Panama


What is the Great Casanova Ball?

The Casanova Grand Ball or Casanova Grand Ball is an annual celebration during the Venetian Carnival in the city of Venice, Italy. The event is an opportunity for all fans of themed parties from the carnivals of yesteryear. It is a party to relive the emotions, the excesses and the history of the carnivals of the past in one of the most exclusive settings in Venice: Palazzo Zeno.

Every year a different theme is celebrated; however, it is always inspired by the figure of Giacomo Casanova, a traveler, poet, biographer, gambler and womanizer. Giacomo Casanova is remembered above all as a tireless seducer, so the whole event revolves around this seductive and provocative essence. The Great Casanova Ball is a conglomeration of the Venetian style of yesteryear with the romance and mystery of the carnival that characterizes the city.

Dancing is part of the wonderful repertoire of Venice Carnival activities, so the event is one of many that take place in the city; however, none is as special as this one. The whole celebration is full of activities and interesting events that are set to the best music of the city. We invite you to relive a true carnival experience of yesteryear with the best atmosphere the city has to offer.


The Grand Casanova Ball is a complete experience of the Venetian carnival of yesteryear

The Grand Casanova Ball is a complete experience of the Venetian carnival of yesteryear



When is the Grand Casanova Ball?

Because the Grand Casanova Ball takes place during the Venice Carnival, it tends to change its date every year, as it takes Lent as a reference. Carnival festivities generally take place between the month of February and March and during this period of time, the city of Venice plays host to dozens of events and festivities.

EVenice Carnival will run from approximately January 30 to February 16, so the Grand Ball of Casanova will take place within this schedule.



Great Casanova Ball Story

The carnival in Venice has been going on for centuries, being mentioned in the first records in the year 1094. Thus, the carnival began to become part of the identity of the Venetians and continued to unfold until it acquired a much more important character, both for the rulers and for the citizens. In 1296, the carnival began to be considered a public holiday..

At first, the carnival functioned as an exhaust valve for the population to let go of their worries of everyday life. In addition, people could participate in dancing and music events during this period of time. The Venice Carnival was characterized by the use of masks and disguises, so the population could court whomever they wished, mock the authorities or commit unattractive activities under complete anonymity. The Venice festivities were censored due to their immoral nature and to maintain public order.

The Carnival began to grow at a disproportionate rate and the streets filled with thousands of people who came to see for themselves the innovative Venetian festivities. The masks and dresses began to be the flagship of the carnivals, intensifying production with the arrival of various personalities from around the world.

The carnivals began to be the meeting point of artists, writers, musicians, poets, adventurers and beautiful ladies from all over the world, such as the renowned Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, who was an adventurer and author of the then known Republic of Venice. Giacomo is famous thanks to his autobiography called “Histoire de ma vie“, which gives insight into the various aspects, customs and elements of Eighteenth-century European social life.

Giacomo Casanova was particularly known due to his complicated affairs with women, for which he was considered a womanizer. In addition, he was a character who used to hang out withEuropean royalty and the most famous personalities of the church, as well as renowned musicians and other artists of yesteryear. In his autobiography he narrates theexcesses of the carnival and how people performed certain acts during the festivities, some of them considered highly immoral at the time.

The Great Casanova Ball has been going on for about 8 years, with a new theme every year. The event fulfills the purpose of holding a luxurious event that successfully blends the traditional elements of the carnival with the eccentricity of the character Giacomo Casanova and of course, the modernity and comfort that the facilities can offer you.


Where is the Grand Casanova Ball

The Grand Casanova Ball is held at the San Polo at Palazzo Zeno, Venice, Italy.

San Polo is one of the smallest districts of Venice; however, it is located right in the center. The district has a total area of 0.43 square kilometers where about 4,700 people live.


Events and entertainment are held during the Grand Ball Casanova

Events and entertainment are held during the Grand Ball Casanova


How is the Grand Casanova Ball held?

The Casanova Grand Ball is a luxury event that features a great deal of fun and activities from night until dawn. The event offers you a great magical journey to discover play, love and pleasure with the characteristic touch of the Venetian carnival. Throughout the evening you will be transported back in time and experience firsthand what it was like to live the carnivals in the city centuries ago.

The event offers you a wonderful evening with top quality entertainment accompanied by live music. The show, the masks, the gala dinner and the DJ set are the highlights of the celebration; however, the Gran Baile Casanova offers much more than that. During the event you can be a part of the most wonderful journey in the kind that has the best atmosphere of Carnival entertainment.

The organizers want to convert you from start to finish, so they welcome you at the entrance of the palace with a welcome drink. In addition, it offers you wonderful gardens where you can go out and refresh yourself during the grand ball that lasts until the next morning. The whole ambience is animated by a great set of DJs who are in charge of giving you the best night of your life during the night of the best season of the city of Venice..

During the event you are also entitled to an open bar and desserts Carnival so you can live the night of your dreams and look like all the aristocrats of the time during the wonderful times of the Venetian carnivals. We encourage you to participate in this great and incredible carnival gala, one of the most special in the city.

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Tips for going to the Casanova Grand Ball

If you wish to attend the Grand Casanova Ball, we recommend planning your trip in advance, making a travel itinerary andbooking your preferred accommodations in advance. Also, be sure to pack comfortable clothes so you can fully enjoy your carnivals.

During carnivals, the city of Venice has a climate that usually stays below 10 degrees Celsius. For this reason, we recommend you to pack warm clothes. Wear several pieces of clothing one on top of the other so you can keep warm.

We encourage you to purchase the costume package, as the event has an etiquette rule that you must follow in order to enter. Everyone must wear period clothing and, if possible, a mask. Also, keep in mind that the stands are non-refundable, so you can not get your money back or get refunds if you cancel for any eventuality.



If it is not possible for you to purchase the complete costume package, you have the option of buying an outfit in town, including a mask, as during carnivals it is quite common to find hundreds of stores that have ready-made masks and costumes.

When wearing a costume, make sure to wear something warm underneath so you don’t feel the cold of carnivals.

If you have any kind of allergy or dietary limitation, do not hesitate to contact the organization of the festivities, they will be more than happy to elaborate an exclusive menu for you and your needs.


Events at the Gran Baile Casanova

The event takes place inside the Palazzo Zen, which is an excellent representation of a Venetian noble residence from the 15th century, which will make your experience exceptional and like no other. Today the building is still owned by the Zeno family, one of the richest and longest in the history of the city of Venice. Inside the building, the neoclassical ceilings by Sebastiano Santi, an Italian painter born in Murano who specialized in oil painting, stand out.

The building has the necessary glamour to give you an experience like those of Giacomo Casanova, an experience like those of any powerful aristocrat of the time. The exclusive atmosphere of the building, adding the various leisure areas, will make your experience complete, from the food to the dressing room, the decoration, the entertainment, the dancing and the complete theme.

Depending on what type of package or service you have purchased, you will be able to enjoy the event in different ways. Below, we offer you the packages that are reflected in the event. Please take into consideration that these prices are a special offer for people who are purchasing tickets in advance, later on they will be much more expensive.


Full Ticket-Main Hall

Price: 600 euros

Services: entrance to the Palazzo Cà Zen at 20:00, you have a welcome drink, welcome show and a gala dinner served at the table in the main hall. In addition, you will have entertainment of various kinds during dinner such as masquerade dancing, open bar and traditional Venetian Carnival sweets such as frittole and galani.


Full Ticket-Side Hall

Price: 400 euros.

Services: entrance to the Palazzo Cà Zen at 20:00, accounts with a welcome drink, welcome show and a gala dinner served at the table in the side hall of the building. Like the Full Ticket-Side Hall, you’ll have entertainment of various kinds during dinner such asmasked ball, open bar and traditionalVenetian Carnival sweets such as frittole and galani.



After Dinner

Price: 150 euros

Services: Entrance to Palazzo Cà Zen from 21:30. Admission features entertainment, dance night, open bar and traditional Venetian carnival sweets such as frittole and galani.


Costume package and Full Ticket-Main Hall

Price: 900 euros.

Services: Entrance to the palace is at 8 p.m., you have a drink and welcome show and gala dinner served at tables in the main hall. In addition, live entertainment during the meal includes amasked dance show and live music. You also have open bar and traditional Venetian carnival sweets. The package includes the costume, so you won’t have to worry about dressing up.


Evening program

At 8 p.m., there is the delivery of appetizers, drinks and an entertainment show in the palace gardens. Later, the gala dinner is held in the different halls and rooms of the building, also with entertainment and live music.

At 11:30 p.m. begins the music mix with the DJ, the delivery of the carnival desserts, the open bar and the entertainment. The event goes on until the wee hours of the morning and you can enjoy the various areas of the palace, either to cool off for a while in the garden or in the entertainment areas.


People attend the Gran Baile Casanova with period clothes

People attend the Gran Baile Casanova with period clothes



What to eat at the Grand Casanova Ball


The frittole are fried donuts typical of the Venetian carnival

The frittole are fried donuts typical of the Venetian carnival


Fortunately, the vento offers you a great open bar where you can enjoy various drinks throughout the night. In addition, you have some traditional carnival sweets from the city of Venice so you don’t have to worry about finding something to eat during the event. Also, if you decided to purchase the ticket with dinner, the organizers will pamper you with the best dishes you will ever taste in your life.

One of the sweets you can find at the event is the frittole or Frittola. This is a dessert similar to a sugar-coated donut. The sweet is basically a flour doughnut that is leavened for a few hours to obtain a light and fluffy final product. The doughnuts are fried in abundant oil until golden brown. Once finished, they are covered with sugar and eaten hot. They are usually eaten alone; however, some people like to eat them with some crema pastelera or crema de ricotta.

Another of the sweets offered at the event is the galani. The galani is another of the typical Venetian carnival sweets, but somewhat different from the frittole, as this sweet is characterized by strips or triangles fried in oil and covered with sugar. The sweet is made with flour, eggs, butter and a dash of grappa, a traditional Italian liqueur. The ingredients are mixed until a smooth paste-like dough is formed, stretched and cut into individual pieces and then fried and covered with sugar.

In addition, the city offers you some places to eat out such as Ristorante San Silvestro, Pako’s Pizza & Pasta, Bacaro Quebrado, Osteria Al Squero and La Bottiglia – Local Street Food..


The galani is a fried strip of dough that is covered with sugar and is usually consumed during the carnivals in Venice

The galani is a fried strip of dough that is covered with sugar and is usually consumed during the carnivals in Venice



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What to see and do inside the Grand Ball Casanova

If you purchased the full package, once you are inside the Grand Ball, you will receive a delicious welcome drink that you will accompany with live entertainment of the highest quality. Then, you will receive a wonderful dinner served at the table, and then start the party with the best musical entertainment and mesmerizing performances that will make you come back next year. During the event, you will be able to access the open bar they offer and delicious Venetian carnival sweets.

If you purchased the after dinner service, you will enter the venue around 11:30 p.m., when you can be part of an incredible party and first class ambiance. The entire event features an open bar and the most delicious traditional carnival desserts.

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What to see and do outside the Grand Casanova Ball


San Marco Square

This is the main square of the city of Venice. The square was built between 800 and 1100 and the square functions as a place of recreation, but also of social, religious and political meeting. In its surroundings you can find several cafes and stores where you can hang out.


La Fenice Theater

It is the most famous and recognized opera house in the whole country. The capacity of the theater is about 1126 people and inside you can find unparalleled finishes of great beauty and decoration of the highest quality.


Peggy Guggenheim Collection

This is a museum of modern art on the Grand Canal in Dorsoduro. The collection belonged to Peggy Guggenheim, who managed to acquire unparalleled pieces by De Chirico, Severini, Braque, Metzinger, Gleizes, Duchamp, Léger, among other renowned artists.

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Safety at the Casanova Grand Ball



Venice is an extremely safe city, so you should not feel unsafe if you decide to walk the streets both day and night. While the city is safe, it is not free from sin, since some criminal activities are also carried out, especially fraud and theft from tourists.

Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets and keep your belongings in a safe place. Do not be seduced by strangers who offer you great services out of the blue or distract you frequently. If you are able to identify any unusual activity, do not hesitate to contact the police.

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Weather at the Casanova Grand Ball

During carnivals, the temperature in the city is usually below 10 degrees Celsius. Be sure to pack warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold.


The Great Casanova Ball features shows during the evening celebration

The Great Casanova Ball features shows during the evening celebration



How to get to the Gran Baile Casanova


How to get there by plane

The city of Venice has an airport just a few minutes from the city, the Marco Polo International Airport. This airport receives a good number of both domestic and international flights. Once here, you can use the various means of transportation to reach the city center.

We recommend buying airline tickets through or Skyscanner where they are usually cheaper. More information on this link to review


How to arrive by ferry

Once you are at Marco Polo International Airport, you can take a ferry to the Terminale Crociere. This ride is about 30 minutes and ferries depart quite frequently.


How to get there by train

Fortunately, thecity of Venice has a good connection through its train station. If you are in Florence, Rome or Milan, you can reach the city of Venice in a jiffy.


How to get there by bus

From Marco Polo International Airport you can take an ATVO S.p.A or BusItalia bus to Venice city center. The whole journey takes about 15 minutes and the fare is less than 20 US dollars.


How to get there by car

From Marco Polo International Airport you can take the SS14 road along with Strada Regionale 11. The whole journey takes about 40 minutes.

Taking the bus from Marco Polo International Airport can cost you between 45 and 60 US dollars.


Where to stay at the Grand Casanova Ball


Bauer Palazzo

5-star hotel 250 meters from Venice city center. Rooms have air conditioning and minibar. Some rooms have canal or city views. The hotel has a gym, bar, restaurant, room service and wifi.


Ca’ Bonfadini

5 star hotel 1.7 km from Venice city center. Rooms feature air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar and private bathroom with hairdryer and basic toiletries. The hotel has a bar, room service, restaurant and wifi.


San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

5-star hotel 2.6 km from Venice city center. Rooms have TV and private bathroom, some offer living room. The hotel has a bar, airport transfers, spa, pool and free wifi.

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