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El Carnaval de Río de Janeiro es considerado el mejor en todo el mundo

The Best Carnival of the World 2022

Many countries claim to have the best carnival in the world. While Italy claims that the best carnival is the one in Venice, France claims that it is the Carnival of Nice. However, here we will let you know which is the best carnival in the world.
El Carnaval de Venecia es una de las fiestas más populares e influyentes del mundo

5 Best Carnivals in the World

Every year, cities around the world prepare to hold one of the oldest festivals in history. Carnival is a lively celebration that is part of the calendar in many places around the world.
El Carnaval de Trinidad y Tobago es una de las celebraciones más alegres y coloridas del mundo

10 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is the most famous party in the world, which has its origins in the old world. Although the festivities may have originated in a specific place, nowadays, carnivals have managed to modify thanks to the contact with other cultures and traditions.
El Carnaval de Venecia es uno de los mejores en todo el mundo

20 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is one of the oldest celebrations around the world, being celebrated in a large part of the world. Each of the countries has its own way of celebrating carnival, either for historical references, cultural demonstrations or simply as a means of entertainment.
Los Carnavales de Río y Salvador son los dos principales de Brasil

Rio de Janeiro Carnival vs Salvador Carnival, Brazil

Carnival is fervently experienced in every corner of Brazil. Millions of people move from all over the world and the country to be part of the festivities, specifically to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.
Cada una de las escuelas oficiales desfilan en el Sambódromo de Río

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parades

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is known worldwide as one of the best carnivals throughout the country and the world.
Los Blocos del carnaval de Río son conocidos como el carnaval popular

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Blocos

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of the best and biggest celebrations in the world. The event is characterized by being a great conglomerate of cultural manifestations that can be seen in the parades of samba schools,carnival dances and street bands known as blocos.
Las fiestas de Carnaval de Río de Janeiro son una alternativa para los desfiles y blocos

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls

During the Carnival season, the city of Rio de Janeiro becomes the epicenter of a huge party that extends throughout the carnival.
El Carnaval de Río de Janeiro es el mejor del país

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever we attend an event of great proportions, some doubts arise about what we can or cannot do during the celebration.
La noche de los tambores silenciosos en el Carnaval de Recife y Olinda es una de las ceremonias tradicionales más importantes

10 Best Carnivals in Brazil

Brazil is one of the pioneers when it comes to big carnival parties. For several decades, Brazil's carnivals have set standards and influenced hundreds of parties in all over the world.
La ciudad de Cajamarca es coliderada la Capital del Carnaval peruano, donde se realizan los mejores carnavales del país

5 Best Carnivals in Peru

Peru has a lot of carnival parties, which are not just fun or colorful celebrations. The carnival season in Peru is the perfect opportunity for a great deal of cultural and identitarian expressions.
El Carnaval de Oruro es el mejor carnaval de toda Bolivia

5 Best Carnivals in Bolivia

Bolivian carnivals have a particular mysticism since they carry with them an important religious load. In addition to the traditional elements of the carnival, the festivities integrate native traditions, so that ceremonies to commemorate the Pacha Mama can be found in every celebration of the country.
El Carnaval de Gualeguaychú cuenta con increíbles carrozas temáticas de gran tamaño

5 Best Carnivals in Argentina

Argentina boasts one of the best carnivals in the entire continent. Some of the country's carnival celebrations are heavily influenced by the original carnivals of Brazil, while others feature important historical elements.
El Carnaval de Río de Janeiro es la mejor y más grande celebración de América del Sur

10 Best Carnivals in South America

Due to its special contact with European traditions during the colonization processes, the South American continent is the one that best celebrates carnival festivities in the whole continent and possibly in the whole world.
El Carnaval de Recife y Olinda se caracteriza por el género de frevo en sus bailes y música

Recife and Olinda Carnival, Brazil

The Carnival of Recife and Olinda is a conglomerate of celebrations that occur between the two cities in eastern Brazil. Olida and Recife are sister cities and eternal rivals when it comes to carnival.
Las escuelas con mayor importancia de la ciudad desfilan en el sambódromo durante el Carnaval de Río de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

Welcome to the largest and best known carnival in the world, the one that gathers hundreds of thousands of cariocas, Brazilians from all over the nation and visitors from all over the world to see the incredible presentations of the schools in the sambadrome, attend the street carnival and the private parties that are organized in every corner of the city.
Las escuelas se preparan durante meses para el día del desfile del Carnaval de São Paulo

São Paulo Carnival, Brazil

São Paulo Carnival is a huge celebration held in Brazil, Latin America. Despite not being as famous as the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro or of Salvador, the São Paulo Carnival is as impressive as any other.
El Carnaval de Salvador es uno de los mayores carnavales de Brasil

Bahian Carnival, Brazil

The Salvador Carnival, also known as the Carnival of Bahia, is a large street celebration held in Salvador, the eastern region of Brazil. The Carnivals of Bahia are known for holding several events simultaneously, as their main attraction is the blocos, which happen in several circuits at the same time.
El Carnaval de Ouro Preto es una celebración de carnaval universitaria

Ouro Preto Carnival, Brazil

The Ouro Preto Carnival is a large college carnival-style celebration held in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Minas Gerais is known for its lively traditions and festivities, so it is not surprising that the Carnival of Ouro Preto is a celebration like no other.
El Carnaval de Barranquilla es una gran celebración de la cultura en la ciudad

Barranquilla’s Carnival, Colombia

The Barranquilla Carnival is the second largest carnival in Latin America after the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and represents one of the most important folkloric traditions of the country.