El Carnaval de Venecia es una de las fiestas más populares e influyentes del mundo

5 Best Carnivals in the World

Every year, cities around the world prepare to hold one of the oldest festivals in history. Carnival is a lively celebration that is part of the calendar in many places around the world.
El Carnaval de Trinidad y Tobago es una de las celebraciones más alegres y coloridas del mundo

10 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is the most famous party in the world, which has its origins in the old world. Although the festivities may have originated in a specific place, nowadays, carnivals have managed to modify thanks to the contact with other cultures and traditions.
El Carnaval de Venecia es uno de los mejores en todo el mundo

20 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is one of the oldest celebrations around the world, being celebrated in a large part of the world. Each of the countries has its own way of celebrating carnival, either for historical references, cultural demonstrations or simply as a means of entertainment.
El Mardi Gras de Galveston es uno de los mejores en todo el país

10 Best Mardi Gras in the USA

Mardi Gras is par excellence the oldest and most fiesta in the country. Millions of people move during the first months of the year to the different cities that celebrate this very special holiday for the Americans.
El Mardi Gras de Nueva Orleans es la celebración de Carnaval más grande y popular de Norteamérica

12 Best Carnival Celebrations in North America

The celebration of the original carnival is not a traditional celebration in North America; however, it has festivities of a similar nature. In addition, some of the countries that make up this side of the continent have integrated Caribbean carnival festivities into their calendar of celebrations, which has generated events of great caliber.
El Carnaval de Baltimore Washington One es una celebración especial que une dos ciudades

Baltimore Washington One Caribbean Carnival, USA

Baltimore Washington One Carnival is a special Caribbean celebration, as it brings both cities together for one big carnival party. The Carnival, also known as Baltimore and Washington Caribbean Festival, unites both cities to commemorate the Caribbean community coming together in both locations.
Todo el mundo festeja y disfruta en el Carnaval de Charlestón

Carifest Charleston Carnival, USA

The Charleston Carnival, also known as Carifest, is a Caribbean-themed celebration that occurs every year in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The event pays tribute to the Caribbean community of the area through cultural manifestations typical of the region.
El Carnaval de St John es una celebración que mezcla los carnavales y el cuatro de julio

St John Carnival, USA

St John's Carnival or Saint John's Carnival is a large carnival celebration held in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Carnival is a combination of the celebration ofcarnival traditions with emancipation and independence.
El Mardi Gras de Nueva Orleans es una gran celebración en todo el estado de Luisiana

New Orleans Mardi Gras, USA

Mardi Gras is a large annual celebration held throughout the state of Louisiana, but the most famous of all is New Orleans Mardi Gras. The Mardi Gras celebration is a party with a long tradition that has been perpetuated in the population of the southern United States, especially in the state of Louisiana.
El Carnaval de Orlando es un espacio para la comunidad caribeña en la ciudad

Orlando Carnival, USA

The Orlando Carnival, also known as the Orlando Carnival Downtown, is an annual celebration held in Orlando, Florida. The event is a true celebration for the Caribbean community in the area, as it features a large number of events that highlight the characteristic identity of the community through various cultural elements such as music, food and dancing.
El Mardi Gras de Lafayette es el segundo más grande del estado

Lafayette Mardi Gras, USA

Lafayette Mardi Gras is one of thelargest celebrations occurring in the city of Lafayette in Louisiana. The South Louisiana region, where the city of Lafayette is located, is noted for holding particular celebrations known as Mardi Gras.
El Carnaval de Hollywood es un vehículo para promover la multiculturalidad del vecindario

Hollywood Carnival, USA

The Hollywood Carnival is an annual celebration held in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, United States. The Hollywood Carnival is a major event that celebrates multiculturalism and expresses it through the different cultural manifestations of the carnival.
El Carnaval de Miami Broward es una demostración colorida de las tradiciones y culturas caribeñas

Miami Broward Carnival, USA

Miami Carnival or Miami Broward Carnival is an annual celebration held in the city of Miami, United States. The celebration is a great burst of Caribbean colors, culture and music that takes place in the streets and precincts of the city of Miami.
El Carnaval Caribeño de Atlanta es un espacio para la expresión de las comunidades caribeñas de Atlanta

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, USA

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is an annual celebration held in Atlanta, United States. The carnival fulfills its function of promoting spaces for a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the Caribbean culture that is located in the city of Atlanta.
El carnaval de San Francisco es un escenario de lucha histórica donde participan culturas y etnias de todo el mundo

San Francisco Carnival, USA

San Francisco Carnival is an annual celebration held in San Francisco, California, United States. Carnivals are a free two-day family celebration held over Memorial Day weekend.
El Carnaval Caribeño de Tampa Bay nació para mantener las tradiciones caribeñas en la zona

Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival, USA

The Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival is an annual celebration held in Florida, United States. The Tampa Bay Carnival is a spring festival that invites all its visitors to be part of the Caribbean American traditions and to get to know a little more about themulticultural society found in the Tampa Bay area.
El Carnaval de Saint Thomas es uno de los eventos más esperados de la isla. Las personas festejan su identidad cultural y visten grandes trajes coloridos

St. Thomas Carnival, USA

Saint Thomas Carnival is the largest celebration of the year on the island of Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. Carnival is a grand celebration of the traditions, history, cuisine, culture, music and the genocide of Saint Thomas carried out in a traditional Caribbean way.
El Carnaval de Carolina del Sur es una conmemoración a la cultura caribeña de la ciudad de Columbia

South Carolina Carnival, USA

South Carolina Carnival is a celebration held annually in Columbia, South Carolina. This is a celebration that is responsible forpromoting and offering spaces for Caribbean communities to express their culture through food, dance and music.
El Festival Caribeño de NOLA es una celebración en la cual se quiere promover las costumbres caribeñas en Nueva Orleans

NOLA Caribbean Festival, USA

The NOLA Caribbean Festival is a celebration held in New Orleans, United States and is part of a larger event called the NOLA Caribbean Experience. The festival includes a large number of events that seek to provide space for the local Caribbean culture and community to showcase their traditions, food and music.
Algunos locales de la ciudad de Nueva York celebran el Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in Nueva York, USA

Mardi Gras is a typical southern celebration in the United States, so the vast majority of states do not celebrate it. However, some bars, clubs and restaurants in New York maintain the custom by holding small parties during the month of February.