El Carnaval de Venecia es uno de los mejores en todo el mundo

20 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is one of the oldest celebrations around the world, being celebrated in a large part of the world. Each of the countries has its own way of celebrating carnival, either for historical references, cultural demonstrations or simply as a means of entertainment.
El Kurent es el Principal personaje del Carnaval de Ptuj

10 Best Carnivals in Europe

Europe is par excellence one of the continents where carnival is most fervently celebrated. Each country has its own way of celebrating the festivities carnival.
El Carnaval de Basilea es una celebración de tres días llenas de sátira y color

Basel Carnival, Switzerland

The Basel Carnival, also known as the Basel Fasnacht or simply Fasnacht is an annual celebration held in the city of Basel, Switzerland. The city's motto during the festivities is "die drey scheenschte Dääg", which in English would be "The three most beautiful days".