El Carnaval de Torres Vedras es el mejor y más divertido de todo Portugal. Considerado el Carnaval Más Portugués de Portugal

5 Best Carnivals in Portugal

Portugal has been for years one of the pioneers in carnival festivities, transmitting them to several countries around the world over the centuries.
El Carnaval de Podence se caracteriza por mantener las tradiciones de los Caretos, personajes con máscaras de latón y ropa colorida

Podence Carnival, Portugal

Podence Carnival, also known as Entrudo Chocalheiro, is a celebration that takes place every year in the parish of Podence, in northeastern Portugal.
El Carnaval de Estarreja es una tradición que data desde el siglo XX

Estarreja Carnival, Portugal

The Estarreja Carnival is a celebration held annually in the city of Estarreja, Aveiro. These carnivals have become one of the main events in the district, taking place since the 20th century and counting on stiff competition between the differentsamba schools that perform in the carnival festivities.
Los Reyes del Carnaval de Torres Vedras son figuras icónicas del carnaval

Torres Vedras Carnival, Portugal

The carnival of Torres Vedras is considered the most Portuguese carnival in Portugal and is one of the most anticipated and popular events in Torres Vedras. The Torres Vedras Carnivals are held every year with great style and originality.
En la tienda del carnaval de Alcobaça se realizan fiestas y diferentes eventos

Alcobaça Carnival, Portugal

The Alcobaça Carnival is celebrated during six days full of festivities. The central element of the party is a marquee located in front of the monastery of Alcobaça, where thousands of people gather to dance the night away on a stage filled with modern and popular music.
Los carnavales de Ovar son uno de los más importantes de la región y cuentan con al menos 100 años de antigüedad

Ovar Carnival, Portugal

The Ovar Carnivalis the biggest event of the year in the city and attracts thousands of people from all over the country and the world. It is considered the most extravagant folk festival in the country.
Uno de los carnavales más antiguos de Portugal toma lugar en Loulé donde la gente celebra a o grande

Loulé Carnival, Portugal

The Carnival of Loulé is the oldest continuous carnival festival in Portugal, which totals more than 100 years of celebrations. Thousands of visitors fill the streets of the city during the 3-day festivities to have fun.
Los carnavales de Funchal son celebrados con comparsas y carrozas coloridas

Madeira Carnival, Portugal

Carnival is a magical celebration on the island of Madeira. The event is about fun, family, friends and big parties. The Saturday of Carnival is the main parade with music, fantastic costumes and decorated floats.