El Carnaval de Venecia es uno de los mejores en todo el mundo

20 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is one of the oldest celebrations around the world, being celebrated in a large part of the world. Each of the countries has its own way of celebrating carnival, either for historical references, cultural demonstrations or simply as a means of entertainment.
Carnaval de Copenhague es una celebración que cuenta con gran cantidad de bailarines de samba y ambientes musicales

Copenhagen Carnival, Denmark

The Copenhagen Carnival is an annual celebration that takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The carnival is a celebration that lasts for about 2 days of festivities and a host of events, musical performances and various recreational activities take place.
El Carnaval de Aalborg es una iniciativa festiva que incluye a los diferentes sectores de la ciudad

Aalborg Carnival, Denmark

The Aalborg Carnival is an annual celebration of cultural events in the city of Aalborg, Denmark. It is currently regarded as the largest carnival in Northern Europe.