Busójárás es una tradición antigua para expulsar espiritus malignos

10 Best Carnivals in Easter Europe

Eastern Europe is home to dozens of mysterious traditions that have remained almost untouched since their inception. These traditions were inspired by historical events or magical legends that explain the renewal of the seasons.
El Kurent es el Principal personaje del Carnaval de Ptuj

10 Best Carnivals in Europe

Europe is par excellence one of the continents where carnival is most fervently celebrated. Each country has its own way of celebrating the festivities carnival.
El Kurentovanje de Ptuj es una celebración cuyos orígenes datan desde hace siglos

Kurentovanje Carnival in Ptuj, Slovenia

The Kurentovanje is a historical and cultural celebration typical of Slovenia that takes place mainly in Ptuj. This carnival-style event is a large cultural celebration that is intended to scare away winter and make way for spring.