El Burrokeet es un personaje interpretado que consiste en una persona sobre un burro

Caribbean Carnivals Glossary

Caribbean carnivals or Caribbean carnivals are known for being a colorful style of partying. Caribbean Carnival is one of the most joyful and varied carnival expressions around the world that has a lot of elements and characteristics that are sometimes difficult to understand.
El Carnaval de Junkanoo es uno de los más impresionantes en todo el Caribe

10 Best Carnivals in the Caribbean

The Caribbean countries are known for holding incredible carnival parties. Every year, the countries that make up this region prepare to celebrate the happiest and most colorful season of the entire year.
El Carnaval de Jamaica es una gran celebración llena de música, comida y baile

Jamaica Carnival

Jamaican Carnival is a large annual celebration held in the Caribbean country south of Cuba. Jamaican Carnival has all the characteristic elements of traditional Caribbean carnival, but with some elements that make it unique and particular.
El Festival de la Independencia de Jamaica es una ceremonia para realzar las tradiciones y cultura del país

Jamaica Independence Festival

Jamaica's Independence Festival is a celebration held every year during the month of August that commemorates the independence of the Caribbean country. Every year in the month of August, Jamaica dresses up to celebrate more than 50 years of independence from the United Kingdom.