El Carnaval de Venecia es una de las fiestas más populares e influyentes del mundo

5 Best Carnivals in the World

Every year, cities around the world prepare to hold one of the oldest festivals in history. Carnival is a lively celebration that is part of the calendar in many places around the world.
El Carnaval de Venecia es uno de los mejores en todo el mundo

20 Best Carnivals in the World

Carnival is one of the oldest celebrations around the world, being celebrated in a large part of the world. Each of the countries has its own way of celebrating carnival, either for historical references, cultural demonstrations or simply as a means of entertainment.
El Burrokeet es un personaje interpretado que consiste en una persona sobre un burro

Caribbean Carnivals Glossary

Caribbean carnivals or Caribbean carnivals are known for being a colorful style of partying. Caribbean Carnival is one of the most joyful and varied carnival expressions around the world that has a lot of elements and characteristics that are sometimes difficult to understand.
El Carnaval de Junkanoo es uno de los más impresionantes en todo el Caribe

10 Best Carnivals in the Caribbean

The Caribbean countries are known for holding incredible carnival parties. Every year, the countries that make up this region prepare to celebrate the happiest and most colorful season of the entire year.
El Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba es la mayor fiesta comunitaria de la Isla

10 Best Carnivals in Cuba

No matter what they are called, the parrandas, carnivals, charangas or romerías, these are folkloric festivals of great importance for the identity of the Cuban. Some of the festivities have been taking place for centuries, consolidating as historical festive events.
El Carnaval de Jamaica es una gran celebración llena de música, comida y baile

Jamaica Carnival

Jamaican Carnival is a large annual celebration held in the Caribbean country south of Cuba. Jamaican Carnival has all the characteristic elements of traditional Caribbean carnival, but with some elements that make it unique and particular.
El Carnaval de Trinidad y Tobago es la fiesta de carnaval más grande del Caribe

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is one of the world's largest and best-known festivals celebrated in the Caribbean. The Carnival festivities begin just after Christmas and continue until Ash Wednesday loaded with dozens of festivities, top-quality entertainment, music and world-class cultural competitions.
El Festival Crop Over es un gran evento que promueve la identidad cultural de los isleños

Crop Over, Barbados

The Barbados Crop Over Festival, also known as the Barbados Crop Over, is a major historical celebration held in the Caribbean country. Crop Over is a celebration that reflects the colonial past when sugar cane was the main source of labor.
El Carnaval de St John es una celebración que mezcla los carnavales y el cuatro de julio

St John Carnival, USA

St John's Carnival or Saint John's Carnival is a large carnival celebration held in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Carnival is a combination of the celebration ofcarnival traditions with emancipation and independence.
El Carnaval de Santa Lucía es una gran celebración llena de color y ritmo

St Lucia Carnival

Saint Lucia Carnival is an incredible annual summer celebration on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. This celebration represents one of the biggest festivities on the island, which locals and tourists receive with great excitement.
El Festival de Verano de Anguila es una gran celebración que conmemora la identidad de los isleños

Anguilla Summer Festival

The Anguilla Summer Festival is an annual celebration withcarnival style that celebrates the emancipation of the Caribbean. The event is a grand celebration that reflects thetraditional art forms and fuses them with the extravagant and colorful thematics of carnivals.
El Carnaval de Aruba es una gran celebración de varias semanas

Aruba Carnival

Aruba Carnival is a big celebration held on the Caribbean island and is thebiggest party of the year. Carnivals are among the most colorful and fun-filled celebrations on the island, loaded with magical costumes, hundreds of thousands of lights, food and parades.
El Carnaval de Guadalupe es una de las celebraciones más importantes de la isla

Guadalupe Carnival

Guadeloupe Carnival is a great colorful celebration that takes place on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Carnival celebrations are an important cultural event on the island, as they are related to the identity characteristics of the inhabitants.
El Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba es una de las mayores fiestas de carnaval de la isla

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

The Carnival of Santiago de Cuba, also known as the Rumbón Mayor, is one of the biggest celebrations of carnival on the island of Cuba.
El Vincy Mas de San Vicente y las Granadinas es un evento lleno de identidad nacional, música y celebración

Vincy Mas, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Vincy Mas is an annual celebration held in the Caribbean country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a celebration full of music, color and deep national sentiment.
El carnaval de Braccanal es la celebración más famosa en la Isla Caimán Brac de Islas Caimán

Braccanal Carnival, Cayman Islands

Braccanal Carnival is a celebration that takes place every year in Caiman Brac, one of the islands belonging to the Cayman Islands archipelago.
El Carnaval de San Martín de Países Bajos es una celebración con una gran trayectoria histórica

Sint Maarten Carnival, Netherlands

Carnival in St. Maarten is celebrated continuously for two full weeks encompassing a large range of activities such as Calypso contests, music, dance, parades, Reggae, Soca, concerts and much more.
El Carnaval de las Bahamas es una fiesta continua de grandes eventos durante los 4 días de celebración

Bahamas Carnival

Carnival of the Bahamas is an annual event that occurs every year in the city of Nassau, The Bahamas.
El Carnaval de Junkanoo es una expresión cultural que se realiza en las Bahamas desde hace décadas

Junkanoo Carnival, The Bahamas

The Junkanoo, also known as Jonkonnu is a celebration held every year in the Bahamas, Caribbean. The origins of the Junkanoo are still the subject of debate; however, the festivities have become the most entertaining street carnivals in the Bahamas.
El Carnaval de Batabano es una de las celebraciones más importantes para las Islas Caimán. Las personas visten grandes y coloridos trajes

Batabano Carnival, Cayman Islands

Batabano Carnival is an annual celebration that takes place during the first week of May in George Town. This celebration is the national carnival of the island, whose name originates from the trace or footprints left by turtles walking on the sand when they nest.