Los participantes del carnaval de Bijagós usan máscaras y atuendos que asemejan a la fauna de la región

10 Best Carnivals in Africa

Although Africa is not a continent where carnival is practiced as in the case of Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean; the traditions, customs, colors and dances definitely have African origins.
El Carnaval de Maputo es una celebración que busca reivindicar la cultura del país

Maputo Carnival, Mozambique

The Maputo Carnival is a celebration held every year in the capital of Mozambique. The event intends to position itself as the largest carnival nationwide.
Las diferentes agrupaciones en el carnaval de Quelimane en una competencia de baile

Quelimane Carnival, Mozambique

The Quelimane Carnival is a celebration that occurs every year and attracts more than 50,000 people from all parts of the country, as well as a variety of tourists. The Carnivals of Quelimane have acquired the fame of being known as the carnivals of "Little Brazil".