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El Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba es la mayor fiesta comunitaria de la Isla

10 Best Carnivals in Cuba

No matter what they are called, the parrandas, carnivals, charangas or romerías, these are folkloric festivals of great importance for the identity of the Cuban. Some of the festivities have been taking place for centuries, consolidating as historical festive events.
El Carnaval de Notting Hill es el mejor y más popular carnaval del Reino Unido

15 Best Carnivals in the UK

Despite being one of the few countries that does not officially celebrate carnivals, the United Kingdom has incorporated some cultural, Caribbean or Latin American carnival events in some of its cities.
El Carnaval de Río de Janeiro es la mejor y más grande celebración de América del Sur

10 Best Carnivals in South America

Due to its special contact with European traditions during the colonization processes, the South American continent is the one that best celebrates carnival festivities in the whole continent and possibly in the whole world.
Busójárás es una tradición antigua para expulsar espiritus malignos

10 Best Carnivals in Easter Europe

Eastern Europe is home to dozens of mysterious traditions that have remained almost untouched since their inception. These traditions were inspired by historical events or magical legends that explain the renewal of the seasons.
El Carnaval de Puntarenas en Costa Rica es una celebración que conmemora la vida diaria de los lugareños

10 Best Carnivals in Central America

Central America is one of the epicenters with the largest number of carnival festivals in the continent. Carnivals in this part of the Americas are steeped in history and commemorate the identity of all locals.
Diversas agrupaciones se presentan en las calles durante el Carnaval de Samba de Asakusa

10 Best Carnivals in Asia

Asia is not a continent that celebrates carnival festivities. However, some cities have celebrations that are unique and also have particular elements of carnival festivities.
El Mardi Gras de Nueva Orleans es la celebración de Carnaval más grande y popular de Norteamérica

12 Best Carnival Celebrations in North America

The celebration of the original carnival is not a traditional celebration in North America; however, it has festivities of a similar nature. In addition, some of the countries that make up this side of the continent have integrated Caribbean carnival festivities into their calendar of celebrations, which has generated events of great caliber.
El Carnaval de Barcelona es un gran conglomerado de celebraciones

15 Best Carnivals in Spain

Spain is known for its incredible Carnival celebrations, which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to the different cities and localities in Spain. Although carnival is a national celebration in common, some carnivals in the territory are mysterious and archaic, while others are colorful and modern.
El Kurent es el Principal personaje del Carnaval de Ptuj

10 Best Carnivals in Europe

Europe is par excellence one of the continents where carnival is most fervently celebrated. Each country has its own way of celebrating the festivities carnival.
El Carnaval de Düsseldorf es uno de los más alegres de toda Alemania

10 Best Carnivals in Germany

Carnival in Germany is one of the most famous festivals in the world. Carnival is not a game thing for the Germans, as they form an essential part of the country's identity.
Los participantes del carnaval de Bijagós usan máscaras y atuendos que asemejan a la fauna de la región

10 Best Carnivals in Africa

Although Africa is not a continent where carnival is practiced as in the case of Europe, Latin America or the Caribbean; the traditions, customs, colors and dances definitely have African origins.
El Carnaval de Limoux es uno de los más antiguos de la nación

10 Best Carnivals in France

France is par excellence one of the countries with the best carnivals in the world. The carnivals in the French-speaking country are celebrated throughout the country, regardless of age or gender.
Conoce los 10 mejores carnavales de toda Italia

10 Best Carnivals in Italy

Italy is known for being one of the pioneer countries in carnival celebrations, with a wide variety of celebrations, from the most traditional and mysterious ones to joyful celebrations with wonderful floats.
El Carnaval de Viareggio es uno de los más grandes de Italia y Europa

Viareggio Carnival, Italy

The Carnival of Viareggio is one of the biggest carnival celebrations in Italy. The city is transformed into a great stage of fun with the parades ofgiant structures made with papier-mâché.
El Carnaval de Jamaica es una gran celebración llena de música, comida y baile

Jamaica Carnival

Jamaican Carnival is a large annual celebration held in the Caribbean country south of Cuba. Jamaican Carnival has all the characteristic elements of traditional Caribbean carnival, but with some elements that make it unique and particular.
El Carnaval de Trinidad y Tobago es la fiesta de carnaval más grande del Caribe

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is one of the world's largest and best-known festivals celebrated in the Caribbean. The Carnival festivities begin just after Christmas and continue until Ash Wednesday loaded with dozens of festivities, top-quality entertainment, music and world-class cultural competitions.
El Carnaval de Recife y Olinda se caracteriza por el género de frevo en sus bailes y música

Recife and Olinda Carnival, Brazil

The Carnival of Recife and Olinda is a conglomerate of celebrations that occur between the two cities in eastern Brazil. Olida and Recife are sister cities and eternal rivals when it comes to carnival.
El Festival Crop Over es un gran evento que promueve la identidad cultural de los isleños

Crop Over, Barbados

The Barbados Crop Over Festival, also known as the Barbados Crop Over, is a major historical celebration held in the Caribbean country. Crop Over is a celebration that reflects the colonial past when sugar cane was the main source of labor.
Las escuelas con mayor importancia de la ciudad desfilan en el sambódromo durante el Carnaval de Río de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

Welcome to the largest and best known carnival in the world, the one that gathers hundreds of thousands of cariocas, Brazilians from all over the nation and visitors from all over the world to see the incredible presentations of the schools in the sambadrome, attend the street carnival and the private parties that are organized in every corner of the city.
El Festival de la Heiva es una gran celebración de baile y canto

Heiva Festival, French Polynesia

The Heiva Festival is a large celebration that commemorates the identity of theFrancopolynesians, integrating the vast majority of the archipelagos and islands. Thousands of people congregate to participate in one of the largest festivals in the country to promote the identity and theidentity characteristics of the residents.